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Solutions offered by Afritalia


Afritalia Specialist Mobile Bar Hire

Are you planning a high class corporate function?

Planning your wedding celebration ?

Hosting a birthday or end of year party ?


Afritalia Specialist offers you Premium Mobile Bar Structures up to 10 meters long for your own event , glassware solutions for your drinks, and full bar mise en plus.

Afritalia Hospitality Service Hire

Certified Professional Bartenders, Flair-Tenders and Waiters available for any occasion

Trained by The Bartenders Workshop from South World class SA, these professional guys will not only serve your drinks but entertain you and your guests with their flair-tending skills and a proper guest relation technique.

Afritalia Hospitality Cocktail Designs

Trained and Experienced Mixologists to create your own fancy drinks, from signature cocktails to neo-classics and contemporary, elaborate your own drinks menu with the help of the hospitality team who will issue your ingredient’s sheet, where you are eligible for our sundries facilities.


To be at the top of the bar operations nationally and to uplift this industry, and make it popular and popular and axcesable to all the level and classes of people affordably


Achieve success throughout education, hard work, dedication and popularizing   the industry in the natures and levels people and recognition as one the important carrers, availability  to those who are doing domestic functions but not only when they going out.


Passion, Honesty, Integrity, Quality, Punctuality, Responsibility.

Mobile Bar Services


Afritalia Professional Team will provide:


A quality bar and cocktail experience. Our determination is to uplift the industry, introduce the art of bartending and make you enjoy your own event by removing your stress and making you relax with your guests enjoying the benefit of having our professional team.


“If you know what you want when you drink or have a favorite bar that makes great drinks, then getting a well-made drink elsewhere, especially at events, can be a minefield of disappointment, poor execution and sloppy service”

Afritaia is the exception to the rule


“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” Our beverage service is at the top of our priorities and we put a hard effort in what we do. Your guests are served by guys who takes pride in what they do and have knowledge about it, customer satisfaction is our focus.


Target Market

  • Private Companies for Year End functions/ parties
  • Middle class people for their functions and parties
  • High level people for those who are already familiar with the industry food and beverages and mobile bar
  • Event organizers and those who co-ordinate functions and require bar services, deco/ furniture etc.

We Also Cater for:

  • Weddings
  • Garden Wedding
  • Picnics
  • Birthday parties
  • Bachelor party
  • Baby shower
  • Get together,s
  • Year end functions
  • Cooperate functions etc



Services :

  • Bar Structures (Infinity or Versa Style) up to 10 meters LED Lighting
  • Professional Bar Equipment and Glassware Hire
  • Flair Bartenders on availability
  • Cocktail Bartenders(International

Qualification  certified)  trained  by  the World class SA

  • Standard Bartenders
  • Standard Waiters (hotel experience and upselling techniques)
  • Fine dining waiters
  • Barback (helper behind the bar)
  • Choice of hostesses
  • We hire out furniture and deco for events and functions
  • We undertake the entire function,deco,furniture,tents,carperting and bars etc

BAR ACADEMY where we offer professional trainings to all our staff and other bar student





Bettering Bar Service by training our professional staff.

  • Afritalia has been putting a hard effort into the training of their staff. AFRITALIA BAR ACADEMY was formed

  • We organize crash courses frequently where our supportive staff members can express themselves by learning and developing new techniques, develop and update their beverage knowledge and where they are explained their various job descriptions.
  • Afritalia also offers various services such as:
  • – Cocktail Menu Design
  • – Mixology consultation to promote brands
  • We also offer:

-Bar services
-Set up deco
-Domestic bartenders
-Domestic waiters



We hire out

-Astro turf ,carpets
-Chairs (different)
-bar stools
-bar counters